The Two Loons LLC | About Us

Brand new in 2023, we at The Two Loons LLC specialize in anything pre-owned. We do also deal with some new items and hope to soon branch into the world of custom knives. We have two main goals here currently at TTL. One is to give you the chance to get your hands on a knife that you may have heard of, but never gotten the chance to handle. The other is to get you a new daily driver knife. In both cases, we hope to get you these things at a super reasonable price.

Just about all businesses are formed to make money, and we hope to do so as well, but our priorities lie with this incredible community. We are always willing to work with you fellow knife-nuts on getting you your grail at a price that we can both afford. We understand the growing costs of being a part of this community, and would love to create a trustworthy place for you to find something you want or need without breaking the bank. 

We are a subsidiary of the brick-and-mortar knife shop Sawyer River Knife & Trading Co., based in North Conway, New Hampshire. Myself (Nate) and my father (Trey) run SRKT together and decided to add a second-hand knife-based business to try and help fellow knife enthusiasts get their hands on pieces that they have been on the hunt for. 

The Two Loons is currently an eBay-seller with 100% positive feedback, and we hope to extend our values of great customer service, fast shipping, and reasonable prices into our new website,